Sporting Clays

Sporting claysOur sporting clays course is one of the finest clays courses in the state. Targets are thrown from many angles and over varied terrain which no other course in the area can match. We have a beautiful wooded course with 10 shooting stations and the target presentations are changed often to keep it fresh. Target difficulty is adjusted for the events, from beginner and intermediate, and up to top-flight shooter requirements. The course can be walked or we have a club cart available for rent.  We have room for parking motor homes for weekend-long events as well. We do supply transportation to the course for larger events and for “shotgun” starts. Water is furnished along the course for these events. For our normal daily operation we can supply a ride around the course for those shooters with some physical limitations. We are all getting older and all our parts just don’t work like they used to….but we still want to shoot. We’re here to help you have fun.

Come on out and see how much fun shooting Sporting Clays on a fantastic course can be. In the winter we still keep the course open. The beautiful fall colors and the white snow in woods is like an Ansel Adams print. We have been told by many tournament shooters that the course is the best around and they see them all. But remember we do have it set for the non-pro as well. We all like to break targets, don’t we?