Capital Fund Campaign

This past April the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) evaluated Kent County Conservation League, certifying our club as a 5 Star facility! Proof that our KCCL continues to be West Michigan’s Premier Shooting Facility. NSSF is THE trade association for the firearms industry with a membership of more than 13,000 manufacturers, distributors, firearms retailers, shooting ranges, sportsman’s organizations and publishers – they know what 5 Star means!

We need your support today to continue the improvement of our Club with a donation to KCCL’s capital fundraising campaign of $250,000. A generous, long-time member has already pledged a $5,000 kickstarter! Thank you for your membership and past support, which has made possible many club improvements over the last decade for the benefit of us, the members. Your backing helped expand the club’s programming to include the Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCPT), personal defense training for women and others of all ages, and deliver outstanding corporate and special events. Your support again will allow our organization to continue to improve the quality of the facilities as the premier shooting facility for rifle, shotgun, pistol, and archery.

We are counting on your support – your voluntary contribution will determine the budget for improvements. You can easily give $2,000, $1,000, $500, $250 – or the amount you feel you are able that will help reach our goal quickest. We do not wish this capital campaign to be a financial burden, but if you are able and wish to give more than the suggested amounts – it will be greatly appreciated. Just check the appropriate box on the reply card and mail it with your check in the enclosed, postage paid reply envelope. You may also use the

Capital Fund Campaign link button on the website

The board of directors, officers, and your club management team has developed a target list of improvements – pave the entrance drive, renovate the kitchen to better serve special events, repair and dress up the shooting houses, upgrade field lights with energy efficient LED fixtures, and upgrade the entrance at Conservation Street.

We have all experienced the sever washboard condition of the drive, even shortly after new gravel was placed to smooth out the surface. For the last few years, the board of directors has been researching member opinions, regulations, costs, and potential contractors to determine the course of action needed to improve the main drive. Tapping into relationships with engineering design professionals and contractors has helped develop the design intent – install additional compacted subgrade for improved drainage, cap the two bridges with reinforced concrete, and pave the drive surface with asphalt. The benefit – no more car washes, no longer spending up to $5,000 per year to place new gravel, and a new welcoming approach to the club house!

Imagine cooking for 200 guests in a space the size of your own home’s kitchen – it’d be really tough to say the least. This best describes the challenge of our KCCL’s staff to adequately prepare for and host more than 70 outings and special events each year. The income from these events and outings is very important to keep membership and shooting fees low. To improve those events and our own large member dinners, such as Plaid Shirt Night and the Sportsman Extravaganza, the compact inefficient kitchen requires updating and expansion.

KCCL has discussed the condition of the kitchen with commercial food service equipment vendors. This recently started effort is developing a direction for consideration of updates to some equipment, expansion for coolers, and other upgrades to meet the storage and preparation needs are prudent. Once a final design and costs are determined, they will be presented at a usual membership meeting to the members and the board for decision.

Even if you don’t mind an occasional car wash or haven’t experienced the kitchen’s event chaos, any shooter can appreciate how tired our trap and skeet houses appear. With deteriorated roofing and gutters, settling shooting stations, and chipping paint the 45 year old structures need a little TLC – not to mention the benefits of updating the energy inefficient lighting, which uses outdated and short-lifespan lighting bulbs. Repairing the shooting houses for weatherproofing, dressing up each with new paint and stone bases, and updating the field lights with energy efficient, long-lifespan LED light fixtures would go far in presenting KCCL as the premier facility we boast about to corporate and special event groups. If we only update to LED lighting, this improvement could save $3,500 per year in utilities and replacement bulbs.

I do hope you will respond positively to this written request today. Should you desire to discuss this request more, please contact any board member or me. The board of directors, its officers, and your KCCL’s management team thank you in advance for your support!

With deepest regards,

Tim Wiley
KCCL Club Manager (616) 676 – 1056


KCCL Officers

President: Thad Bembenista

Past President: Vic Scudder

Vice President: Mark Jacobson

Secretary: Lisa Piskin

Treasurer: Liz Helmer

KCCL Board of Directors

Tim Kraai, Larry Mennetti, Scott Treichel, Adam Nelson, Doug Bacon, Mike Daly, Cameron Meyer, Ryan Quinn, Brian Siebers


P.S. Please provide your contribution by the Fourth of July before the special event season really starts to ramp up. It will be greatly appreciated, allow us to schedule improvements to keep KCCL West Michigan’s Premier Shooting Facility, enhance the enjoyment of our club, and recognize the above tiered contributors at upcoming events. Mail or use the Capital Fund Campaign link button on the website to contribute. Thank you!



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