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Casino Nite at KCCL movie

Thanks to everyone who came out to support our SCTP team, the KCCL OC!



Casino Night to support the KCCL Orange Crushers - 1/28/17

Get to KCCL by 3 p.m. and place your bets to beat the SCTP kids in skeet or 5:30 to begin Casino Night!

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KCCL Orange Crushers at SCTP Nationals 2016 via MLive and WZZM13

MLive wrote a great article about the KCCL Orange Crush(ers) at SCTP Nationals this year and WZZM TV13 did a broadcast last night as well!





KCCL Orange Crushers Update from 5-14-16

We wanted to let you know how well the KCCL Orange Crushers did this past weekend as we are pretty proud of them ourselves!

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Skeet – Intermediate Advanced Team – Total Score 125/150 – Took Gold Medal

          Jake Lotterman – 44

          Jadon Butler – 38

          Soren Hanson – 43

Sporting Clays – Intermediate Advanced Team – Total Score 117/150 – Took Gold Medal.

          Jake Lotterman – 40

          Jadon Butler – 35

          Soren Hanson – 42

Trap – Intermediate Advanced Team – Total Score 199/250 – Took Gold Medal

          Jake Lotterman – 45

          Jadon Butler – 41

          Soren Hanson – 43

          Reece Hanson – 37

          Luke Siler – 33

Also Soren Hanson who has only joined the team a 1 year ago was tied for High Score in Clays

Skeet – Varsity Team 1 – Total score 140/150 – Took Bronze Medal

          Colt Lotterman – 44

          Joe Deyoung – 47

          Johnny Kleinheksel – 49

Varsity Team 2 – took 5th

Varsity Team 5 – took 7th

Varsity Team 3 – Took 9th

Varsity Team 4 – Took 20th

Total number of teams – 38

Sporting Clays – Varsity Team 1 – Total Score  128/150 – Took Gold Medal

          Colt Lotterman – 43

          Joe Deyoung – 39

          Johnny Kleinheksel – 46

Varsity Team 2 – took 11

Varsity Team 5 – took 12

Varsity Team 3 – Took 14

Varsity Team 4 – took 16

Total number of teams – 22

Thank you for your continued support of the KCCL Orange Crushers!  Great job, Team!!!!

The SCTP Orange Crushers Event is this Saturday, 1-30-16 at KCCL

KCCL "Orange Crushers" update

Orange Crushers Update

The coaches of the Orange Crushers took 24 kids (eight 3-man teams) to Sparta, Illinois for the National Championships, July 12-17th.  They shot 200 Sporting Clays Monday and Tuesday and 200 Skeet Wednesday and Thursday.  Everyone has worked very hard over the last nine months to get ready for this competition.

Our Collegiate Team finished 4th in the nation in Sporting Clays 517/600.

One of our J.V. Teams finished 12th with a fine score of 479/600.

Intermediate Advanced Team placed 5th in skeet with a score of 443/600.

In skeet, we shot the TOP SCORE of all 3000 kids involved with a score of 586/600, which was shot by our Collegiate Team (Brett Belrose, Tyler Moore, and Hunter Brander).

Also, the NUMBER ONE SHOOTER in the NATION, is Brett Belrose, with 199/200 in skeet.11742894_10205824716355872_8856392722625175292_n (1)

His partner, Hunter Brander, shot 196/200 to finish 3rd in the NATION!

So, as a coach to have the Top Team and the Top Shooter in the Nation is an unbelievable feeling.


We want to say “Thank You” to our coaches who gave up their time and talent to help get us on top of the podium.


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Tim Wiley tells all his kids “It’s not about winning, it’s about learning the game properly”, but he admits it feels awfully good to win!